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Techniques for Playing Casino Baccarat for Beginners

Here is an article that tells beginners how to main casino baccarat. Baccarat is a type of card gambling game where this card will be divided into 2 parts, namely the banker and the player. After the cards are dealt, the number/value of the cards to be added up is proportional to the parts.

If there is a section that has a higher value, for example the banker’s share is greater than the player’s share, then the banker can be declared the winner, and if the number of cards with the same value can be declared a “draw”. So that for each round of cards in the casino baccarat game there are only 3 possibilities, namely banker, player or tie.

Therefore, the casino baccarat game can be said to be a game between the banker and the player (Banker vs Player). The essence of the baccarat gambling game is to determine the winning party. If successful in determining the winning/correct part, the player will get chips with bets made by the dealer, and the dealer will take the chips from the losing side.

Techniques for calculating online casino baccarat card values

Baccarat is played using playing cards or better known as poker cards. The cards used are cards 2 to 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. For cards 10, Jack, Queen and King will have a value of 0, and for cards Ace will have a value of 1, while cards 2 to 9 will have the same value as the number on the card. Meanwhile, the Joker card cannot be used in casino baccarat games.

An example of a Player vs Banker card

In the baccarat gambling game, the highest value is 9, and the procedure for calculating card values is to add up all card values according to their parts, if the number is greater than 9, then the value of the card used is return. sign.

As an example:
– The player’s section has 7 cards and 8 cards
– The banker’s side has 3 cards and 5 cards

In this case the banker will be worth 9, while for the player it will be 5. The number of player cards between 7 and 8 cards is 15, and the value taken is the replacement value, so the player’s value is 5. In this example, the Banker is declared the winner.

How to Play Casino Baccarat

Baccarat would start with a pack of 8 cards placed in a clear square (pronounced “shoe”), and the cards would first be randomly shuffled. “Cut cards” are usually the cards that suit will be placed in the seventh row of the last set of cards in the box. These cut cards are meant to indicate that a baccarat game has reached its final round and a new card will be used to start a new casino baccarat.

In each round, the dealer will deal 2 cards each face down on the banker’s side and the player’s side. Then, the Dealer will allow the Player to place bets on the existing side (Banker, Player or Tie). After the betting time is over, the Dealer will first open the card to the player’s side.

It should be remembered that in baccarat there are bonus cards which are sometimes distributed by the dealer to the Banker and Player sections. This distribution of additional cards follows several rules in baccarat. Let’s observe the basic rules of playing casino baccarat.

Casino Baccarat Game Rules

In card transactions, baccarat dealers will follow some basic rules for trading bonus cards, the following are the basic rules for playing baccarat:
– If the first 2 cards, Player and Banker, have a total value of 8 or 9, then the dealer will not deal any bonus cards. This state is a natural triumph.

Conditions for Players:

1. If the player has a total value between 0 and 5 on the 2 initial cards, then the dealer will deal bonus cards to players.
2. If the player has a total value of 6 or 7, the dealer will not deal any bonus cards. This situation is called “Player Stand”.

Provisions for Bankers:

If the player only has 2 cards (Stood Pad), then the banker follows the same rules as the player, namely the banker will get a bonus card if the score is between 0 to 5, and is in a stand position with a value of 6 or 7.

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