2 Strategies for Playing Roulette Casino Online

vesasc – Roulette casino game is included in the type of online casino game. And the name roulette comes from French Roulette which means small wheel. The game system is the dealer spins the wheel in all directions and then throws the ball in the opposite direction. So the ball rotates around the wheel.

You should also know that this roulette game has 37 colored squares and has numbers on the wheel. If you are a beginner live casino game player and want to learn to play, we will tell you some tips for playing this online game.

Strategies & Tricks to Play Roulette Casino Online Easily

What we are going to explain to you now is very easy for you to understand. So all you have to do is look for an online roulette game that has such high stakes. Black And Red, Even And Odd, 1-19 And 19-36. These three types of bets both have a winning proportion of 50:50.

If only to get big profits with not much capital. You must determine 1 type of bet you want to place and assign it to that bet.

– For example perfect even 30 thousand odd results will lose 30 thousand
– Then put it back on an even number of 40 thousand and the results that come out are odd again, your total loss is 75 thousand
– Then put in another 100 thousand and the results that come out are still odd and of course you lose 175 thousand
– Finally you bet again, even with a bet of 200 thousand and the results that come out are even, you get a profit of 200 thousand.

If we bet the total bet then you get a profit of 25 thousand. but if multiplied by the value more then the profit will be greater.

Tricks to Read Online Casino Roulette Game Statistics

– The last four numbers that came out were 30, 8, 14 and 1
– You have 3 reps starting from numbers 1-18 so you have to be sure to bet on numbers 19-36 using method number 1.
– For example 30, 8, 14 and 36 you have 4 even numbers so you have to make sure to bet odd on your next bet.

Note: If you have won the game 3 or 4 times at the table. Then you have to move to another table so that your roulette formula is not detected or read on the game table. This method is a statistic in this online gambling game. You can group several numbers that have a greater proportion of coming out.