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Our college has a social service cell called “Out-reach”. This cell is dedicated to social and extension activities to serve Sister Institutions and national and international N.G.O.’s

Our endevour is to sensitize our students towards the physically challenged visually impaired and mentally differently-abled students of our community. Students should complete minimum 30 hours during academic year.
Presently students are assisting the following organizations/Institutions:

  1. T.I.S.S:-  Deonar , Chembur :A reputed deemed university .Our students assist the visually impaired & physically challenged students in prepairing their notes ,reading to them, helping them to use the computer and as writers during their exams.
  2. I.I.P.S:-A premier demography deemed unit.
  3. A.D.A.P.T: Able Disabled All People Together, Our students assist them in the studies and also render a helping hand towards the making of small handicraft items. This was formerly known as Spastic Society of India.
  4. N.A.S.E.O.H:- A batch of ten students help the students of N.A.S.E.O.H in their activities like gardening, pottery, clay making & artifacts. When a batch completes 30 hrs the next batch takes over.
  5. Bal  Anand:- (A home for abandoned Children) Students help them in their studies and play with them and assist them in their home-work .
  6. Umang:- A home for abandoned children above the age of eighteen (Karjat):- Our students periodically visit them play games with them and host birthday celebrations for the children.

The OUT-REACH Cell consists of the following members:

Patron: Dr.J.K. Phadnis (Principal)

  1. D.D. Chandy -  Co-ordinator
  2. Mr. V.T. Johnson
  3. Mrs. SunitaSherifani
  4. Mrs. Varsha Ahuja
  5. Mrs. Santhini Nair
  6. Ms. LekhaNambiar
  7. Ms. Gayathri B.
  8. Mrs. Dona Joseph
  9. Mrs. KanthiVishwananth
  10. Mrs. Minal Gandhi
  11. Ms. RiddhiBharani

The outreach cell undertook the following activities for the academic year 2015-16:

  1. Groups of students' (80) were sent to NASEOH to assist physically challenged children with their job work. NASEOH is an NGO located in Chembur working for the empowerment of children and adults who are physically challenged and visually impaired. The students' a tenure of 30 hours of such work each. During the course of the year, 12 groups completed the tenure at NASEOH.
  2. More than 50 students assisted NASEOH during their 'Annual Job Fair'. Students' from all over India came for job selection. More than 26 companies including LIC, SBI, TATA had put up their stalls at NASEOH.
  3. A group of 12 students' completed a tenure of 20 hours at BAL ANAND which is an orphanage-adoption center at Chembur.
  4. In the annual donation drive of NASEOH, 100 students' participated to raise a healthy sum of Rs. 37450/-. Our college was felicitated with a trophy on 18th March, 2016 for the same.
  5. Outreach Cell collected material (clothes and books) from staff members and donated the same to NGO's Goonj, Ma-Niketan and Sparkle Foundation to help the under-privileged.
  6. The Anti - Narcotic cell , Crime Branch- Mumbai Police were invited to our college to address our students on a) the harmful effects of drug addiction. b) how college students can play a pivotal role in preventing this social malaise from spreading in society. c) how students can assist the police in arresting this social vice. Approximately, 200 students attended the seminar. It was conducted by API Anil Dabre and Senior Inspector SatishShinde.
  7. The sixth semester course fees for a deserving student of TYBCom was provided for by the Accountancy Association and the Outreach Cell.
  8. The outreach cell looks forward to help and support more students in the coming years.

    SAW: Social Awareness Week

    CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
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