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Conference/Seminar Procedings:

Vaidya Madhavi - Department of Computer Science

Title Particulars Co-Authors

Amalgamation of Distributed Databases with Data Mining Techniques

National Conference of Data Mining and Applications, held in Bhubaneswar, Orissa on March 23, 2008


Overview of Privacy Preserving in BitTorrent Files

National Conference on Advanced Computing and IT Applications on March 5th 2010.


Fragmented Replication of Large Files with BitTorrent Technique.

National/Asia Pacific Regional Conference in ICTM - 2010 on 5th and 6th March 2010


Fault Tolerance By Replication in Parallel Systems

Journal of Global Research in Computer Science ISSN-2229-371X - Vol 2 No.3


Survey of Parallel Data Processing in context with Map Reduce

AIAA2011, International conference held in Thirunelveli on 23-25th Sept 2011 published in Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC) Volume 1, Number 3 with ISBN : 978-1-921987-01-4, 2011


Review on Study of GFS and HDFS vis-a-vis Distributed File System

International Conference held in Thakur College,Mumbai on 9th and 10th Dec 2011 ICRTITCS 2011 ISBN 978-81-922978-0-4


Parallel Processing of Cluster by Map Reduce

International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Systems (IJDPS) Vol.3, No.1, January 2012 Page No.167-179 ISSN : 0976 - 9757 [Online]


Study of Biometric Data Processing by Hadoop

MPGI National MultiConference 2012 (MPGINMC-2012) 7-8 April, 2012 Proceedings published by International Journal of Computer ApplicationsŪ (IJCA)ISSN: 0975 - 8887

Dr. Swati Sherekar

DataWarehouse Vs Hadoop Vs Storm

Article Published in Developer IQ Vol.12 No.12 in December issue 2012


Study of Hadoop-based Traffic Management System

International Journal of Computer Applications Proceedings in International Conference on Recent Trends in Information Technology and Computer Science Dec 2012 ISBN: 973-93-80872-56-7 Published in January 2013

Dr.Shriniwas Deshpande

Big Data Vis-a-Vis Hadoop and Storm

Article published in Developer IQ Vol.13 No.3 in March issue 2013


Critical Study of Hadoop Implementation and Performance Issues

Research In IT: Exploring the Horizon in patkar-varde college on 30th and 31st August 2013 Patkar College

Dr. Shriniwas Deshpande

The MapReduce Framework: Analysis and The Research Perspectives

National conference on  Recent Trends in Sciences conducted  on 19th and 20th Oct 2013 at G.H.RAISONI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING  Nagpur

Dr. Vilas Thakare, & Dr.

Big Data Query Analytics

Article Published in Developer IQ Vol.13 No.12 in December issue 2013


Large Data Comparative Analytics

ICCI'14 International conference conducted by University of Mumbai, 21-22 nd March 2014

Dr Shrinivas Deshpande, D

Large Scale Data Analysis Techniques

ICACCI 14 International conference in Maurtius, 25th May 2014

Dr Shrinivas Deshpande, D

Leveraging Thermal Power in Data Processing Frameworks

ACM - W Newsletter in June 2014, 6/1/2014

Design and Analysis of Large Data Processing,

International Journal of Computer Applications Proceedings August'14

Dr Shrinivas Deshpnade, D

Critical Analysis of Distributed File Systems on Mobile Platforms

ISSN: 2277-9477, Volume 1, Issue 1 published in National Conference ATCON-2015 Amravati, on 2nd April 2015

Dr Shrinivas Deshpande

Data Analysis From Distributed File Systems on Mobile Platforms Using Map Reduce

Presented Poster in Research Convention, IRISS 2015 Conducted by ACM , Goa Chapter on 5th -7th February 2015

Dr Shrinivas Deshpande

Data Analysis From Distributed File Systems on Mobile Platforms Using Map Reduce

Presented Poster in IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium on 24th -27th May 2015(

Dr Shrinivas Deshpande

Distributed Data Management in Energy Sector using Hadoop

IEEE Bombay Section Symposium at UMIT, SNDT Campus, Juhu, Mumbai on 10-11 Sept'15

Dr Shrinivas Deshpande

Critical Study of Performance Parameters on Distributed File System using MapReduce

International Conference on Information Security and Privacy(ICISP 2015) at G H Raisoni college,Nagpur Published by Elsevier

Dr Shrinivas Deshpande


Author: Madhavi Vaidya

Title Publisher Department Co-Authors

Database Management Systems

Vipul Prakashan

Computer Science


Operating Systems and Administration

Vishwakarma Publications,Pune

Computer Science

Chapter "Handling Critical Issues of Big Data on Cloud" in Book "Managing Big Data in Cloud Computing Environments"

IGI Global Book Series Advances in Systems Analysis, Software Engineering, and High Performance Computing (ASASEHPC)

Computer Science


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