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Confluence Dec' 2016

The annual intercollegiate Festival of the BMS department "Confluence". was conducted on the 2nd and 3rd of decemeber,2016. The theme for this year's event was "Branding". The inauguration was conducted at 9.30 am in the college auditorium on the 2nd of December,2016.The chief guests for the event were Mr.Vikram Kamath, Retail Head ,DHL services (Key note Speaker) & Ms.Cynthia Gokhale,Marketing Head, Zicom Electronics.

BMS department's two day intercollegiate event is going to be held on 2nd& 3rd December 2016-17. It provides a platform to develop their personality, great hands on management experience. It enables the participants to think creative and out of the box. Every year Confluence comes up with different themes like energizing lifestyle, campus social responsibility ,cyber crime etc. And this year we came up with the theme called "BRANDING". Every year nearly 40 colleges participate in our confluence.

Our chief guest Mrs. Cynthia Gokhale is the marketing head for Zicom electronics security ltd and has wide industrial experience of 16 years.
This year we have 7 events as follows:

  1. Vyapaari - " Bechne ki bimari"
    An event where participants are required to earn money by selling the products provided to them in campus in a given amount of time. The participants who earn the maximum profit by selling the product wins the event.

  2. #Flashback - "Try to recreate history"
    It is an event you will be shown the art of advertisement in an innovative and creative way to encourage you to use the brand. So the participants need to show an old black and white advertisement and then combine their own colorful and creative advertisement using the same Indian brand

  3. Grab the attention - "Imagination at work"
    It is an event which allows one to display a product in an innovative way to attract customers.

  4. V E S Bulls - "who wants to be a[ fake] millionaire"
    Here is a game, modeled on stock exchanges the world over, taken you through the main moves of share transactions. This game will capture the excitement of real time trading on the stock market.

  5. Planage - " Code name : Entrepreneur"
    An event which allows the participants to showcase their skills to design a marketing plan for a product which could be used by the marketer to sell the product in market.

  6. Big brand theory - "Know your brand"
    It is a quiz competition on brands, which judges our brand awareness.

  7. Brand baja bajao - " Sophisticatedly Controversial"
    A clean roast of different brands to be showcased in a comic manner



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