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Testimonials by ACP students


  1. KajalWadhwa (TYBSc. IT )
    "It was really a tremendous experience for me in this whole programme. Overall I will rate it as an Excellent Credit Programme, which has not only boosted my performance level but also has built my Confidence level and Communication skills. I am very thankful to all our respected teachers to provide me this golden opportunity to participate in it and to present myself in front of our respected and honorable judges."

  2. Rebecca D'souza  (S.Y. Biotechnology)

    "Additional Credit Program (A.C.P.) has been one of the most wholesome initiatives, which I have experienced. I have realized that the need of the hour is interdisciplinary research. This can be achieved only if we expand our horizons and think out of the box. Through A.C. P. I have been able to do just that. Being a part A.C.P. I have been able to broaden my perspective towards research and our society. The social service component of the program is one of its unique assets. It has sensitized me towards the underprivileged sections of our society. With this increased understanding I believe I will be making a better contribution towards the current needs of our society."

  3. HarmitJasani - BSc Computer Science (15-16)
    There comes a time in life when you realize that the essence of education transcends the conventionally structured mechanism of formal learning. Education is so much more than just the academic syllabi dished out to us. ACP presented me with an opportunity to attain education beyond formal learning, and I decided to go for it.
    The 3 modules of ACP entailed extracurricular learning, indulging in a research project and devoting one’s time for a social cause.

    Module 1 was a revelation of sorts. As a Computer Science student, learning intricate details about the taxation structure, current economics, complexities of law and some others, was a remarkable experience. There were Personality Development workshops that helped single out our vices and flaws, while also suggesting ways to decimate them. Exploring our own self was the key, and it was alarming how shrouded our perception could be about our own self. This module helped us learn more about our own self.

    Module 2 gave me a free rein to indulge in any topic for research. The, then, ongoing developments in Noetic Science had me awestruck, and I earnestly wished to pursue Noetics as a form of learning. This module provided me with a wonderful mentor in Mrs. AarohiKhar and a plinth to explore this realm of parapsychology. Initially, Noetics, being in its nascent stages, was difficult to get a firm grasp on. However once my goals were set and my body of work decided, the research project was gradually morphing into a source of unparalleled fun. Enriching myself with knowledge about a field so abstruse, was not something that I had imagined, but it eventually did happen thanks to the long hours of brainstorming sessions with Aarohi ma’am. Overwhelming excitement engulfed me when my experiments bore results that were in perfect alignment with my proposed theories. The process was as beautiful as the result, as I won the Best Presenter award, and was later selected by the University of Calcutta for presenting my research paper at The Centenary Conference on Psychology, Calcutta. It was a stellar learning curve for me.

    Module 3 exposed societal vulnerabilities and social woes to us. Working with an NGO (Balanand) made us emotionally aware of the society. Our apathy towards social despondencies vanished as we stared at utter poverty and orphancy right in its face. Our designated social work included teaching orphaned children who were as young as 3 years old. We also involved ourselves in physical training exercises of the physically (and mentally) challenged children at Balanand. The bond that we developed with the children is unforgettable. We still pay visits to the orphanage, and the smile that lightens up the children’s faces is totally worth the time spent there. It feels good to have been able to make a difference!

    ACP has been an out and out learning trove for me. It is a program that every student must undertake, if presented with the opportunity. At the end of this program, I can confidently proclaim that I have emerged more intelligent, smarter and wiser than I was. Way to go, ACP!

    (Computer Science)

  1. Kiran R. Sidbache - Bsc Computer Science( 15-16)

    A.C.P is an Additional Credit Program aimed to provide an educational experience and diverse the students, which has nurtured our growth academically, socially emotionally and intellectually.

    Apart from it, the program aims to broaden the scope of syllabus. One can gain additional knowledge and were free to choose the field in which we were interested. We did extra hours in addition to our regular curriculum. We participated in self-enhancement sessions to enhance our overall development and also earned credits.

    A.C.P constitutes three modules that were to be covered over our academic years. In the first module we had attended lectures and workshops and also self enhancement sessions. It has helped us to create new things by crossing our boundaries and thinking across them. The second module was of social work. We got a great opportunity to complete this module in an orphanage like BalaAnand World Children Welfare trust India. We had a great time with the special children over there. Apart from gaining our additional credits, we also gained the smile of the god graced children. We helped the children with their homework, narrated some stories, played with them. We also taught them and took for outing. And the last module included the research work. I did the research in MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) with my mentor Prof. Madhavi Vaidya, without whose guidance I couldn’t have completed it successfully. MOOC is an online course which makes the individual self-motivated. The reason that I had done my research work in this topic is in order to make people aware of it and its benefits and was also quite interesting. I have also taken surveys of students and teachers to know their awareness. My mentor guided me in all possible ways and I got to know many more things.

  2. AkshayShelake - BSc Comp Sc(15-16)

    Due to ACP , there was an increase in my knowledge in various fields. I have experienced the positivity in my life when the Self-improvement lectures were conducted. As I joined ACP it gave me an opportunity to make new friends.

    Due to this, my confidence level has boosted tremendously. After attending all the lectures, I enjoyed the 2nd module which consisted of writing a research paper. I got an opportunity to write a research paper on my favourite topic which was not related to our Computer Science syllabus. In this period, I explored the combination of new and old concepts in Quantum Physics, under the guidance of Prof ShrikantGhodke ,our Physics professor. I have gained great experience during research paper writing while working under his eminent guidance, we used to have longer discussions on the same topic. ACP not only signifies only the study or Research Paper work but also gave us an opportunity to show our interest for the society by doing social activities. My experience at Balanand was priceless. I think the working hours at such societies should not be restricted to just 30 hours, if a student wants to dedicate more hours of work for NGO then he/she must get that opportunity as well.

    All together it was a great experience of attending such interesting course.

  3. Bhakti Sakore - BSc Comp Sc(14-15)

    ACP was the first opportunity to explore my ideas with the researchers and got the further implementation guidance through this activity.ACP is not only about studies but also they have included the activities which woke up the social awareness in our mind. A workshop to explore ways to support students with specific learning difficulties, disabilities and other additional needs through inclusive practices, individual adjustments and specialist support.

    Discussion and sharing of experiences / good practice in providing support for students with disabilities. Learning new things about which we had never think about, totally out of syllabus.

  4. Monali Ranaware - BSc Computer Sc (13-14)

    ACP (Additional Credit Program) was very useful and joyful program. The first program I attended which was not having any kind of exam at the end (the most important part).

    The program has sessions on law, health, e-communication was full of information. We got to know about lots of things that we are using in our regular life, what rights we have, how to communicate with people and many more.

    The session on personality development was helpful. We played games during session. Also, I have done first project under guidance of my teachers. One of the parts of the program was to visit orphanage and play with the children, teach them games. It was a really mind refreshing.

    In short, ACP means lots of enjoyment and lots of learning and full of information.

  5. Akshada Shetty - BSc Comp Sc (14-15)
    ACP was newly introduced to our college roughly two years back. In ACP we had to select a topic and then survey, research and study thoroughly on that particular topic. Each one of us were assigned a mentor who guided and supported us through each phase of ACP.
    ‌There were total 3 phases in ACP
    1. Selecting a particular topic and presenting it.
    2. Research work
    3. Social service
    ‌For selecting a topic I had to research a lot many books. Finally I choose Mumbai's Dabbawala as a book that I can make everyone know about them. My mentor helped me with topic. We had to give presentation on the same to our mentors and other teaching staff.It was a very good experience.

    For research work my topic was 75:25 exam pattern. With help of my guide I prepared the survey quest and surveyed almost all teaching staff of my college to get their views regarding the exam pattern. It was quite a tedious work but still enjoyable. We gave presentation on the same researched topic. With the help of this topic I got to know the views of my teaching staff whether that particular exam pattern introduced was beneficial for students or not.

    ‌The last phase was social service in which we had to dedicate some particular hours to any NGO and complete the given task in time. Though it was a task , it was the most enjoyable part of ACP. We loved going to NGO and were amazed watching disabled children using their beautiful talents. We joined our hands in whatever they asked us to do.

    ‌ACP is a wonderful course in which u learn many new things to do, as well as explore our talents and do some good deed for the benefit of the society and so do you earn some credit points. I recommend other students also to participate in such programmes. Finally, would like to thank my college for introducing us to such beautiful courses.

  6. SagarKharade - BSc Comp Sc 15-16

    August,2012 I took admission in computer science for my graduation. I was quite clear that in the next three years of my graduation, I would be accumulating knowledge about computers only. I never thought that there would be a program that would help me to learn and explore different fields; non-academic fields. There are plenty of activities conducted by college, but ACP is a wonderful activity for those students who are interested in and enthusiastic about learning newer and newer things that would never feature in any syllabus. The second module in ACP required students to complete a research project on any topic of their choice. I went ahead and took a topic that was totally different from my regular field. I knew I had to face many a problem; and this was pretty clear to me as I hailed from a science background and my choice of topic demanded extensive knowledge of commerce. At one point of time, while undertaking this module I even repented choosing such a diverse topic, but thankfully, I didn’t face any major difficulty while doing my research because of my supportive teachers and mentor. I was not only helped by my teachers but also from my peers and friends. During this module I understood that knowledge can be obtained even by simply meeting people and communicating with them. During my survey, which was a part of my research, I experienced that different point of views, opinions and peoples’ experiences hold as much diversity of knowledge as do pantheons of books. Module 3 produced many an unforgettable memory and experience. I hadn’t ever indulged myself in social work before my stint at Balanand; courtesy: ACP Module 3. I realized that 30 minutes a day from my daily life could bring smiles to the lives of so many underprivileged children. This Additional Credit Program was a sensitizing boost to my personality and intellect. It was a satisfaction worth savoring; an experience worth having; a program worth undertaking!